Unown B

This tab contains the settings related to Unspoiled items.


Set wich item you want Mew to gather for each hour and if you want it to be gathered as collectable. If set to “None”, it’ll then use other mode with lower priority. If set to “Rest”, it’ll litterally do nothing and just wait during a specific hour.

Having multiple items in a row may cause GP issues and Mew could then skip some of them. All items are available during a 3 (ARR) or 2 (HW/SB) Hours window but can be gathered only once so don’t set the same item more than once or you’ll just waste an hour.

Wait at the Aetheryte

If Enable, it’ll wait for the node after teleporting as follow

Instead of

It’ll now

Spiritbond :

If Enable, it’ll

Away while resting

If Enable, it’ll use /away during resting time and remove it at the end. Important if you stop and start it while your character is away the “away” icon will be disable and re enable when the rest time is done.

Enable Amounts :

If Enable it’ll stop gather once the amounts set are reached.

Teleport Delay


You can set the time (Eorzean minutes) you want it to teleport before an unspoiled node.


You can set the time (Seconds) you want it to wait before teleport after an unspoiled node.

Revenant’s Toll

You need to have MIN/BOT Cluster 1/2/3 (wichever you want) set in the schedule.

Set the amount of Revenant’s Toll items you want to have. Important, if there isn’t Dark Matter Cluster or Unsapected Crystal and if all amounts are reached it’ll gather what’s set as Alternative item.

Reset Schedule

Use this button to reset the Schedule tab’s settings.