This tab contains the settings related to Unspoiled logic.


Item Description
50/60 All ARR items and HW items.
63 - 66 Raw Azurite, Raw Star Spinel, Lotus Root, Bamboo Shoot.
68 - 70 Ala Mhigan Salt Crystal, Othardian Plum, Jhammel Ginger, Raw Imperial Jade, Hallowed Basil, Raw Rhodonite.
1 Star Rhea, Palladium Ore, Torreya Log, Chromite Ore.
Collectability Set the collectability to reach when gathering an items as collectable.
Rotation It’s the rotation used when you don’t want an item as collectable. I highly suggest to let this as Unspoiled unless you know exactly what you’re doing and wich specific rotation you want to use.
Gather Increase It’s the specific rotation when you are gathering non collectable item :
Yield: +2 Yield items / +5% or 15% Yield rate.
Quality: +30% Quality / +5% or 15% Yield rate.
YieldAndQuality +2 Yield items / +10% Quality rate / +5% Yield rate.
Disable Override If Enable it’ll disable auto rotation selection and not use any GP on Unspoiled nodes.
Cordial Type Set what type of cordial you want to use. Auto will use all cordial depending on what you have and how many GP are miussing.
Cordial Time Set what logic you want to use for Cordial usage.

Reset Unown

Use this button to reset the Unown tab’s settings.

Enable Unown

Enable/Disable the use of Unown mode.