This tab contains the settings related to regular items.

Items Search Button

You can search any item by its Name, Map, Zone or Job.

Items Grid


If Enable, the amount set will be gathered as HQ.


Set the amount of items you want to have. Important, it’ll gather them untill you have the set amount in your inventory by default.

Currently Selected list

It’s all the items wanted.

Refresh Button

Refresh the Currently Selected list.

Don’t use GP

If Enable, it’ll not use any GP when gathering.

Order Mode

If Enable, it’ll gather the amount set and not stop when you reach it.


If Enable, it’ll

Gather Increase

It’s the specific rotation when you are gathering non collectable item :

Yield: +2 Yield items / +5% or 15% Yield rate.
Quality: +30% Quality / +5% or 15% Yield rate.
YieldAndQuality: +2 Yield items / +10% Quality rate / +5% Yield rate.

Important, you need to have ‘Don’t use GP’ disable to use it.


###Type Set what type of cordial you want to use. Auto will use all cordial depending on what you have and how many GP are missing. ###Time Set what logic you want to use for Cordial usage.

Enable Snorlax

Enable/Disable the use of Snorlax mode.

Reset Snorlax

Use this button to reset the Snorlax tab’s settings.