This tab contains the settings related to any fish that require Weather and/or Time conditions.

Fish Search Button

You can search any fish by its Name, Zone or Category.

Fish Grid


Yes if the folklore book is required,No if not


List all the baits Mew can use for a specific fish, if it’s marked with * it’ll be bought automatically


Enable the fish you want Mew to look for. Important, it’ll not stop trying to fish for a fish untill you disable it.

Enable All

It’ll enable all the fish.

1 For All

It’ll set each fish’s quantity to 1.

Currently Selected list

It’s all the fish enable.

Refresh Button

Refresh the Currently Selected list.

Enable Amounts

If Enable it’ll stop fish once the amounts set are reached.

Keep Fishing

If Enable, it’ll not stop fishing when an unspoiled is up.

Release Useless Fish

If Enable, it’ll release all useless fish and should only keep the one you’re looking for.

Cordial Type

Set what type of cordial you want to use. Auto will use all cordial depending on what you have and how many GP are miussing.

Patience / GP

Set wich Patience you want to use and the minimum amount of GP you want to have before using it. It’ll not use patience on every fish but only when the fish need it.

Enable Psyduck

Enable/Disable the use of Psyduck mode.

Reset Psyduck

Use this button to reset the Psyduck tab’s settings.