This tab contains the settings related to Ephemeral nodes.



Select the Job you want to use for each time window. If set to “None”, it’ll then use other modes with lower priority.

Hour Job Result
0-4 Botanist Wind Crystal & Cluster
0-4 Miner (SB) Dusklight or Fire Crystal & Cluster
4-8 Miner Fire Crystal & Cluster
4-8 Botanist Earth Crystal & Cluster
4-8 Botanist (SB) Everborn or Ice Crystal & Cluster
8-12 Miner Fire Crystal & Cluster
8-12 Botanist Earth Crystal & Cluster
8-12 Botanist (SB) Dusklight or Earth Crystal & Cluster
12-16 Miner Fire Crystal & Cluster
12-16 Miner (SB) Dawnlight or Lightning Crystal & Cluster
16-20 Miner Lightning Crystal & Cluster
16-20 Botanist Earth Crystal & Cluster
16-20 Miner (SB) Everbright or Water Crystal & Cluster
20-24 Miner Lightning Crystal & Cluster
20-24 Botanist Wind Crystal & Cluster
20-24 Botanist (SB) Dawnlight or Wind Crystal & Cluster


Select the item you want to gather. This setting is only effective with HW area :

Level Sand Items
56 Duskborne Highland Oregano, Granular Clay, Fire Moraine, Lightning Moraine
58 Dawnborne Furymint, Peat Moss, Bright Fire Moraine, Bright Lightning Moraine
60 Leafborne Clary Sage, Black Soil
60 Landborne Radiant Fire Moraine, Radiant Lightning Moraine
1 Star Light Kissed Lover’s Laurel, Radiant Astral Moraine


Select the collectability rotation you want to use. You need to have a rate at 5/8 minimum to be able to get a sand from an item. There is a tooltip to show you at what rate each items will be gathered :

Rotation Items Yield Rate Result
346 4 Items 3/8 Crystal & Cluster
402 3 Items 4/8 Crystal & Cluster
460 2 Items 5/8 1-2 NQ Sand or Crystal & Cluster
499 2 Items 6/8 1-4 NQ Sand or Crystal & Cluster
550 1-2 Items 8/8 1-4 NQ/HQ Sand or Crystal & Cluster
600 2 Items 5-8/8 1-4 NQ/HQ Sand or Crystal & Cluster

Regular Items

If one of the options below are enable, it’ll the item gather as regular instead of collectable.

Cordial Type

Set what type of cordial you want to use. Auto will use all cordial depending on what you have and how many GP are missing.


Act as a timed mode

If enable, it’ll take the priority over Snorlax and Slowpoke. It’s mostly when you want to gather as regular items only.

Reduce at Waiting Aetheryte

If enable, it’ll teleport to your waiting location to reduce all ephemeral items.

Cordial Settings

Cordial Time

Set what logic you want to use for Cordial usage.

Enable Onix

Enable/Disable the use of Onix mode.

Reset Onix

Use this button to reset the Onix tab’s settings.