This tab contains the settings related to FSH Scrips farm.

Reset Hour

Set when you want to reset the fish’s fear. Make sure to not have an unspoiled right after.

Cordial Type

Set what type of cordial you want to use. Auto will use all cordial depending on what you have and how many GP are missing.

Patience / GP

Set wich Patience you want to use and the minimum amount of GP you want to have before using it. It’ll not use patience on every fish but only when the fish need it.

Bait to Buy

Set the minimum amount of Bream Lure Mew should have to fish for Daio Squid.

Fish Selection

Select wich fish Magikarp should go to. “Auto” will select a fish based on your level :

Release Useless Fish

If Enable, it’ll release all useless fish and should only keep the one you’re looking for.

Use Desynth

If Enable, it’ll sell all desynth fish.

Sell Useless Fish

If Enable, it’ll sell all useless fish.

Enable Magikarp

Enable/Disable the use of Magikarp mode.

Reset Magikarp

Use this button to reset the Magikarp tab’s settings.